Monday, March 12, 2012

Raffle Donation - Knight's Old School Brake Service

Thank you so much to Knight's Old School Brake Service for their donation.
They have donated a cool pack including:
Men's Dickies Garage Shirt
Music Box
2 x M2 toy cars
1 x Monster High Doll
Thank you for supporting beyondblue!

Resleeving & Overhauling of Hydraulic Parts- Brake & Clutch Cylinders Boosters Disc Brake Calipers Stainless Steel Sleeves & Reconditioning Custom & Modified Cylinders & Boosters Motorcycle etc
General Information
Resleeving & Reconditioning your brake parts is not only more affordable, this is also a better alternative for the enviroment.
Custom Bore sizes can be achieved.
Your parts may no longer be available on the market & this is a long lasting solution.

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