Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thank you so much to the sexy stylings of "HOT COUTURE" for their donation of a red Ava Top to Hi-Fallutin's
PIN-UP hamper. 
You are wonderful!!
Hi-Fallutin thanks you for supporting beyondblue

Hot Couture AVA top

Hot Couture came about through Joy Taylor’s love of fifties fashion. All her life she has searched high and low for anything ‘fifties’. She has scoured second hand stores all over the world collecting over 300 original fifties patterns. She has lovingly selected the most flattering styles and has been nurturing her desire to clothe the women of today in the glamour of yesterday. Realising that the frocks from that era were literally wearing out, Joy set about copying off patterns and searching for new fabric that would still stay in keeping with that particular style.

Joy should have been born decades earlier than she was. Her catch phrase is “”I was born in the wrong era!” Her innate love of all things ‘fifties’ is obvious in her fabulous designs. Hot Couture sells all over the world and until recently it was all through ‘word-of-mouth’. Our success is due to Joy’s passion, commitment and sense of fun. If it’s not fun then it’s not Hot Couture!

So come on all you kittens, get–a-looking and order your very own Hot Couture frock now!
You’ll be the ‘Queen of the Prom. Guaranteed!

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