Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Massive thank you to those handsome hillbilly guys of
The Rechords for donating not one but
 TWO copies of their fantastic CD "On The Wagon" plus
one guy's AND one girl's special Rechords T-shirt to the Hi-Fallutin MUSIC hamper.
Thank you for supporting beyondblue! xoxoxoxo

On a mild Winter’s day back in August 2009 it all began, about one year on from there and The ReChords released their debut album “ON THE WAGON” on a brand new local label, Bundoora Records and contains 15 tunes, 9 original tracks and 6 obscure vintage covers from their combined musical collections. And now on their 2nd anniversary they have just embarked on their very first international tour which took in two major festivals and about 8 sideshows through Germany, Belgium, The Nederlands and Spain, all self funded and self organized. Whist in Berlin, studio time was booked to begin laying down tracks for a followup album and back here in Melbourne further local shows, national tours and festivals are set firmly in their sights for 2012.
With a growing audience following from a long list of shows and support & admiration from musical peers like Abbie Cardwell, Mikeangelo, Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes, Little John, Wagons and many others, The ReChords show no signs of holding back….
they’re saddling up for a long ride ahead.

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