Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raffle Donation - The Detonators / Paulie Bignell

Thank you so much to The Detonators & Paulie Bignell for their donations to the raffles.
They have kindly donated copies of their fantastic CDs as well as a couple of stickers.
Thank you for supporting beyondblue! xooxxo

High fueled roots rock and roll.

The Detonators are a Melbourne based, original roots rockers band.   Their
 live performance reputation is backed by aggressive touring locally and abroad.

Paulie is well known around Australia for his work with The Detonators. A band he formed over 12 years ago, that has covered every corner of this wide brown land.
His style is an amalgam, of traditional Rock’n'Roll, Blues, Rockabilly and Country, all from way back when – churned through his musical mix master and presenting as his own style – the Country with a Blues tinge, the Blues with a Country tinge, and all with his raw energetic attitude. Hollering, barking and moaning, stompin’ his feet and yelling at the mic like there’s no tomorrow. Bangin’ on his guitar, buzzin’ around and twisting notes that sting you.

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