Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raffle Donation - Glass By GirlFriday

Thank-you to the mega talented Maxine of Glass by GirlFriday for donating this cute fabulous HANDMADE Geisha girl lampworked glass pendant.
Thank you so much for supporting beyondblue! xoxoxox

The art of Lampworking involves using a flame to handcraft glass beads, then firing them in a kiln.

Glass chose Girlfriday as a medium in early 2006 and after completing a beginners lampwork course), she hasn't looked back. It hasn't always been a match made in heaven... many many hours of research (ahem - forums and help from other artists), and lots of trial and error have helped shape her styl...e.

This, combined with an offbeat sense of humour and love of cartoons have developed her unique quirky style.


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