Sunday, February 12, 2012

Donation - Friends of Rock N Roll George

Thank you to Lauren from "Friends of Rock N Roll George" for donating $100 to the Hifallutin fundraiser.
You are wonderful xoxoxoox

In 1982, the collection of stories and clippings about George began and The Friends of Rock 'N' Roll George has grown organically since then.

The Friends have always maintained the utmost respect for George's privacy. He was never asked for an interview. That wasn't the way George did things.

The Friends main activity is social and cultural history research in the form of an oral history proj...ect. The main aim is to collect and document memories and stories about George and his 48-215.

This online space is part of that broader project.

The Friends of Rock 'N' Roll George is a not for profit community organisation and initiative which aims to honour the memory of Rock 'N' Roll George.

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