Sunday, December 4, 2011

Satellite V donation to the Music Hamper.

Big Thanks to Satellite V for donating copies of their fantastic knee-slappin' CD "Hillbilly Safari" to the Music Hamper Raffle. Yeeharrrr Thanks for supporting beyondblue.

Satellite V have combined their original music with authentic 50's sounds to create a unique hybrid of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Western Swing and Jump Blues.
They've proved to be a favorite with the folks in the know.
'Hillbilly Safari' Satellite V's 3rd album features originals including; 'Ganymede Baby', 'Hudson Sled', 'Fruit Fly',and 'Hillbilly Safari', and renditions of 'Bellbottom Boogie' '3 Alley Cats', 'Pop let me have the Car' & 'Honey Hush'. There's a total of 14 tunes on this great album.

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